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I am Robin J. Kroupa, and as owner of Harmonic Haven – with 20 years of service in the art of massage, energy and healing work, I strive to bring you an integrated approach to Therapeutic Massage – with the focus on well-being.  We must feel good and ‘let it in’, allowing receptivity and openness, to be key components for wellness.  I believe the path to preventative care is this awareness, and puts the power back to you to maintain your own health.  I offer possibilities for you to enter into a more wakeful, enlivened experience of your own body, through an array of therapeutic avenues. This activates the body’s ability to tune into its natural energy flow, allowing for a much deeper level of connection and relaxation within.  Massage in conjunction with adding healthier nutrition, exercise and meditation, or what moves you to recognize how truly important taking care of yourself is, can then build a stronger you. This more receptive wakefulness increases as massage and energy work help to maintain and nourish the body, mind and spirit as a whole.

With my personal holistic approach to therapeutic massage; aromatherapy, energy balancing, thai table yoga massage and tuning fork therapy modalities, I have witnessed that a deeper structural alignment awakens in my clients.  This facilitation of energy movement loosens the idea from the “issues in the tissues” framework, to a shifting of patterns for a more enhanced, harmonious mind/body connection, which is our natural state of wholeness.  My experience has shown that massage, with breath and awareness, builds a bridge to your most vibrant self by bringing a sense of peace, rejuvenation and a fuller embodiment to each present moment.

Harmonic Haven offers this unique individualized method in Integrated Body Therapy so relaxation and balance awaken your body’s own innate inner wisdom. These therapies will leave you feeling cared for and whole, helping to facilitate opening the doors to your own awareness and overall well-being.  Taking the time for yourself simply enhances the daily interacting of the ordinary, into something extraordinary, because you’re worth it.


Robin J. Kroupa, LMT

Practitioner of the Healing Arts since 1998
Trained Energy Healer    /      Akashic Records Consultant

Licensed and Nationally Board Certified Therapist – NCBTMB

Member ABMP



Holistic Massage Care

Preventative care massage expands your body awareness.  By receiving regular massage, it can create a better understanding of the body’s chain-reaction to stress and tension, easing and soothing the root cause of repetitive stress injuries.  For example, your lower-back pain may really be your neck triggering the chain of pain, and with consistent massage you gain awareness to how your body is ‘talking’ to you – via these aches, pains or triggers.  Your wholeness then and natural rhythm is revealed to you through our holistic approach to massage care.  Finally a fix for your nagging, chronic discomforts.   Harmonic Haven is the relaxation – space of grace, awakening experience your body deserves.



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