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"Your decision to put yourself first with self-care promotes well-being and offers possibilities to enter into a more awake and harmonious relationship with your body.

It lets you take back the power of feeling good!" - Robin Kroupa

Stress Relief through Massage near Chicago in Forest Park

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"Providing a peaceful environment and quality custom care to every client is my intention and commitment to service here at Harmonic Haven." - Robin

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Serving Forest Park, Oak Park, River Forest, Elmhurst, Oak Brook and the Chicago area

Welcome to Harmonic Haven

A haven to soothe you with blissful service - experience an integration of massage, energy work and body therapy modalities. Let this symphony of caring services, that our clients have enjoyed harmoniously for over 17.5 years, be the most effective self-care for your spirit.

Treat yourself to consistent massage, because you're worth it - maintain your ability to experience your body's signals and mechanics. Offerings at the haven help you achieve this perfect harmonic balance, increasing receptivity and nourishing the body, mind and spirit to wholeness.

Enter this oasis of care to rejuvenate your wakefulness and delight in the attention your muscles deserve.

Your inner-peace is our masterpiece.

Oak Park Massage for Stress Relief

What Clients are Saying...

"I have been a client of Robin's since 2001 and it has been an amazing experience. Robin is more than a talented massage therapist who can work out your physical aches. She has taught me to listen more carefully to the messages that my body shares about my physical and emotional state - and to improve my overall well-being as a result. Working with Robin is one of the best gifts that you could ever give yourself. She is a trusted partner in creating health and someone that I respect and treasure." - Ann

"As an avid golfer, I sought out Robin's help for the myriad of aches and pains resulting from the repetitive stress associated with regular play and practice. Regular maintenance massage sessions reduced the stiffness in my neck, shoulders and back. , It provided me with more fluidity, confidence and an overall better outlook toward my game - and toward life itself. Robin is the best!" - Jim

"Wow! Appointments with Robin are the high point of my week! I luxuriate in the feeling of well-being afterward." - Nancy

"I started getting massages from Robin in mid-2009. I had been, and still am, participating in some fairly rigorous sports activities. I found that getting frequent massages from Robin provides tremendous benefits. Her massages help me heal very quickly after strenuous events. Her massages provide much greater flexibility and range of motion. Robin's work is one of the important reasons my performance has improved over the course of the past year and a half. Additionally, while helping me physically, Robin has been a great help mentally and spiritually. She does indeed bring healing and harmony among body, mind and spirit. She helps create more awareness of the physical, mental and emotional. She understands and works with the body extremely well, and quickly recognizes and relieves the painful and troublesome spots created by sports activities and daily living. She also quickly knows and reminds when 'the issues are in the tissues,' allowing better awareness of the stress of life's more troublesome problems and greater ability to replace the stress with peacefulness. Robin's massages are a wonderfully healing, soothing and comforting experience." - John

"Thank you again for the massage. I was surprised at how calm and relaxed I felt the rest of the night after my massage. And today, as of writing, I feel so alive and on track, and at the same time very at peace with myself and my surroundings. I have no doubt that you and your skills have made me feel this way today. It was truly a wonderful massage on many levels, and I believe you opened a new path to taking care of myself. I look forward to next time and all I can say is thank you." - David