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Therapeutic Massage – It is a preventative care tool to help maintain the body optimally in the fast-paced, high-level stress of the outside world – bringing soothing care to your body, mind and spirit.  My approach to harmonic bliss is to provide you with an intuited customized combination of modalities, based upon individual need at each session.  The massage depth and intensity is tempered to meet your body’s needs;  blending the flow of swedish massage, with a medium to deep, firm tissue pressure, adding energy balancing along the way.  Trigger point therapy is applied as needed, to release the heightened stress built up at focal points that tension can bring.  This fusion of massage: (stretching, pressure, the flow of classic modalities with energy balancing), is my unique styling – my signature.  The lasting soothing effects restore blood flow and oxygen, so your body can  relax, rejuvenate and restore back to it’s natural rhythms.

Aromatherapy – It is combining essential oils, which have been used for natural healing for over 6000 years, to strengthen the natural defenses of the body as well as the energetic spiritual plane. These herbal energetics act on the cellular/biological level, where the enhancement serves to improve your health. I use these aromatic oil blends to calm, relax and revitalize the body, and they are chosen based upon assessment of what is needed for each session. (Tuning Fork Therapy and Thai Massage are performed without oil blends).

Thai Table Yoga Massage – This is performed on the massage table as a fully clothed experience (no oils used); a fusion of rhythmic stretching and breath work that allows a deeper awakening to relaxation. Thai Table Yoga Massage is strongly related to movement therapy and active assisted stretching disciplines, so interactive ‘checking in’ as to stretching pressure – maximizes the full quality range of motion for optimal results.  It aids the body’s free flowing natural ability to utilize it’s own restorative powers, and recharges, revitalizes and aligns the body flow back to harmony.

Tuning Fork Therapy – Two harmonically balanced tuning forks that generate specific frequencies are used to open the body’s energy channels. This restorative effect, stimulates and balances the physical and subtle energy field, harmonizing the overall body and mind equilibrium – allowing for a much deeper integration of the massage and energy experience. Tuning fork therapy, with it’s rich resonance, has been shown to be a vibrant connector in supporting the body’s natural frequencies, promoting wellness, and deep inner harmony.  Its a very effective adjunct to a therapeutic massage session.

Akashic Records Consultation – The Akashic Records are the individual records of a soul from the time it leaves it’s point of origin until it’s return. By opening the Records, this field of energy is accessed and the information helps to bring the past and future, present into the NOW. The healing energy is transmitted in response to questions you have formulated for the consultation. This access aids in identifying and releasing anything that has become a block to your present realization of who you really are. A consultation can be done in person or by phone.



60 min. Therapeutic or Thai Massage $100
75 min. Therapeutic Massage + Tuning Fork Therapy $115
90 min. Therapeutic Massage $140
60 min. Akashic Records Consultation $100



Massage Benefits

Massage is one of the oldest forms of healing and has been used throughout the centuries. The benefits include: stress relief, increased circulation and muscle tone, release of toxins out of the body and an overall general relaxation for more body awareness. It also aids in increasing flexibility and enhances energy for improved athletic performance or ease of everyday movement.



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