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F. A. Q.From the Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Massage Experience

I have never had a massage; what can I expect during my visit?
Expect to be relaxed and open to a new and wonderful experience. You will be asked to complete a brief intake form and to highlight any physical concerns/stress-areas, injuries, and/or activity and range-of-motion limitations. It being an initial experience of quality therapeutic massage work, your ease and trust in being comfortable, will be the focus.

(To save time at your first session you may use the above link to print and complete the intake form and bring it with to you to the session. You may also scan and email it to robin@harmonichaven.com.)

Will I be undressed?
You will undress in private, after the initial assessment and lie down on the massage table under a sheet, leaving on whatever is comfortable for you. The sheet will be undraped and covered accordingly, after each body area is worked on.

What should I wear for a Thai Yoga Massage session?
For Thai Massage sessions you will need to wear (or change into) comfortable workout clothes and socks (compression gear clothes are a good choice).

Do I need to bring anything along?
Only information you feel is pertinent for any specific contraindications for performing massage therapy.

How will I feel after the massage?
Most people feel very relaxed. Some experience freedom from long-term aches and pains developed from tension and repetitive activity. You may also feel invigorated and energized, depending on your intention for the session and the customized therapeutic massage care. It is recommended you drink plenty of water following your session.

Regular massage helps to ease and soothe repetitive stress injuries. Feeling your embodiment, and feeling your feelings, brings one closer to present awareness and conscious clear living. Consistent self-care allows the awareness of your body’s signals, to be ever more present.

About Our Offerings

What kind of massage do I need?
Typically most people prefer to begin with a Therapeutic Massage session (at the haven, this is referred to as medium pressured body-work), before expanding their experience into Thai Massage. This will be assessed most effectively and intuitively, based upon your individual needs, to relax and dissolve your tissue-issues.

Tuning Fork Therapy is an adjunct to a full-body massage session. Applied at the start of session it lasts from 15 to 20 minutes, and is best scheduled every 3 months or so, as a regular energy tune-up. It allows a deeper integration of the massage session to be possible, opening receptivity very subtly by the tuning fork frequencies.  Notification of a Tuning Fork Therapy request at the time of scheduling your appointment is appreciated.

Thai Massage has a strong focus on rhythmic stretching/movement and breathwork. It is often requested every other month or as needed by seasoned massage therapy clients as maintenance to stretch, integrate balance and change. This form of massage is for someone without major injuries, restrictions or contraindications.  Certain Thai Massage techniques can be applied within other therapies offered.


Health-Care from the Heart
at Harmonic Haven

Feeling your body and feeling your feelings brings healing consciousness to all those aches and pains. Maintenance masssage becomes a preventative tool for better health and overall well-being. Whether it be rigorous physical activities, gardening, cooking or just long hours at the computer – rejuvenation is just a phone call away.  It is my privilege to be of service, so leave your troubles and worries outside the haven’s door and feel nourished by the rejuvenating effectiveness of massage. Relax your muscles and get away for awhile, because one hour is all it takes to soothe your stress and receive harmonic balance. Take good care of yourself – call today.  Get relaxed and renewed…get a massage.


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